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Custom Solid Gold Grillz

Custom Solid Gold Grillz

.925 premium is $40 per tooth

10k is $70 per tooth

14k is $85 per tooth

18k is $180 per tooth


(Silver Grillz must choose SILVER as the color or fees will apply for plating)

HOW IT WORKS:After ordering, we will send your Do-It-Yourself mold Kit. (MAKE SURE TO ADD YOUR KIT TO YOUR ORDER IF IT'S NEEDED) ⁃The Kit will contain the materials to make a dental impression and an order form.⁃ Once we receive your dental impression, we will contact you by TEXT to ensure we recieved it and it was done correctly. Next, we will begin crafting your custom grill.


-ESTIMATED turn around time is 10 business days⁃ Upon completion, we will TEXT you to let you know your order is on the way! Check out our VIDEOS and MORE PICTURES on our INSTAGRAM Page@EssentialGrillz

    Excluding Sales Tax
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